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Nolan Morgan
Nolan Morgan

Completion Rites Program Editable

The SLPA program class (CSAD 140) will be held during the Summer of 2022. CSAD 140L fieldwork experiences will be scheduled for each student individually and will start according to the schedule that is available at the matched internship site. Internship fieldwork experiences will be tentatively scheduled to start at the end of May/beginning of June. For successful completion of the program, students must meet SLPA Program competencies and completion of a fieldwork placement that consists of 100 clinical hours, including 80 directly supervised client contact hours, and 20 indirectly supervised hours consisting of Other SLPA duties. It is expected that the class (CSAD 140) and the internship fieldwork experiences (CSAD 140L) will be offered face-to-face. However, the class and clinic modalities are subject to change based upon University and Sacramento guidelines. Information regarding available options will be provided to students upon admission.

Completion Rites Program Editable

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