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Buy K2 Skis

Titanal has long been used in high-end skis and is known for providing a damp, stable ride at high speeds and on variable terrain, but our Y-Beam technology takes things a step further with dramatically enhanced performance tuning. Y-shaped prongs set over the edges in the shovel of the ski provide precise, powerful turn initiation, while the narrower metal shape in the tail of the ski provides the support you need for charging while still remaining maneuverable, forgiving, and easy to break free from turns. You can find Titanal Y-Beam technology on our Mindbender 108Ti, Mindbender 99Ti, Mindbender 89Ti, Mindbender 99Ti W, and Mindbender 89Ti W skis.

buy k2 skis

First founded in 1962, K2 quickly made a name for itself by engineering groundbreaking fiberglass ski technology. This advanced design keeps K2 skis more light and lively than others. Since then, K2 has continued paving the way for lightweight and comfortable skis that push skiers to new heights. Above all, K2 is passionate about the sport and all who enjoy it.

Browse and buy the best skis and equipment all in one convenient place when you shop at We've corralled the best winter sports equipment brands in the business to give you the ultimate options for your ski and snowboard adventures. We test products from every brand before selling them to ensure we only carry the equipment we can personally stand behind. You can count on K2 skis, ski gear and more to help keep you safe and enhance your snow sport experiences.

Beginner skis are defined by a few shared characteristics: a softer flex for easier turn initiation, a lower price point that typically denotes value-oriented materials in the construction, and narrower dimensions because most skiing will be done on groomed runs. In addition, you often get an integrated binding. Skis, almost more than any other gear type, can be broken into simple categories purely by price, and for beginner skis, the ski packages (including skis and bindings) should run about $500-$600 or close to it.

Ski width measurements are given in a set of three numbers, listed in order of the tip, waist, and tail of the ski. And for an indication of performance in varying snow conditions, identifying the waist width of a ski is quite helpful. While all beginner skis are designed for groomed runs, not all groomed runs are created equal. Some areas are prone to icy conditions where a narrow ski is a great match, while others get so much snow that powder inevitably accumulates throughout a ski day. And should you test your developing skills in the trees, a model like the K2 Mindbender 85 with a little more waist width can be helpful.

CamberCamber is the traditional groomer ski design. The profile has a half moon-like shape that peaks right underneath your boot and contacts the ground towards the tip and tail of the ski. While skiing, your weight presses the ski into the snow, and when you lift coming out of the turn, you get a satisfying pop that propels you into the next turn. The design has been popular for many years because it provides even contact with the snow and superior edge control when carving down a groomed slope. As a result, camber is a popular choice for beginner skis; however, the benefits of rocker technology are changing the market landscape.

Since its founding in 1962, K2 has been the original American ski brand that has consistently developed K2 skis and technology to provide you with a high level of manoeuvrability. Whether you enjoy a leisurely pace or breakneck speeds down double black runs, our selection of K2 skis in Australia will improve performance and give you the control needed to maintain a safe and smooth slalom.

From skis and snowboards to boots and bindings, K2 is a favorite brand among professional and recreational winter athletes. Founded in 1962 in Washington state, K2 skis and snowboards are made to conquer not only the Rockies but mountains all over the world.

A spokesperson for Newell declined to say whether the brands were being sold as a group or individually. But Jason Levinthal, founder of Line skis, wrote in a blog post that he inquired with Newell about buying Line and Full Tilt and was told he would have to buy the entire snowsports portfolio. Sargent said he knows of potential buyers who are considering the portfolio, but he declined to name them.

This depends on what you are comparing them to. If you wanted to buy these as an all-mountain ski and you are used to skiing those, they are the most playful thing you will have ever been on. Compared to a lot of other park skis however, they require slightly more user input than some softer whips.

In the past, I have certainly kicked myself for my ski choice not long after walking out the door. On a lot of park skis you can get caught out when you are landed with a surprise powder-stash hunting day. Being stuck with a narrow, soft, centre mounted pair of sticks can make for a pretty frustrating day. With the Poacher however, the only surprises are how well it handles fresh snow.

Mounting the ski in the middle, or close to, as is recommended with many park skis, means they are very easy to pivot. Combined with its capabilities in soft snow this could make for a great tree ski for anyone who has never stepped foot in the park. Really versatile, easily maneuverable and super bouncy.

Natural flax instead of carbon fibres! The K2 Dispatch skis are equipped with Uni-Directional Flax. Flax comes from a cultivated plant that is grown for fibre and binds CO2 as it grows. Flax fibres have a significantly lower carbon footprint than carbon fibres.

The all-mountain K2 Rictor Ski System performs aggressively in both soft and hard snow conditions. This versatile ski has an All-Terrain Rocker with elevated tips for better turn initiation in soft snow and camber underfoot for a long effective edge that grips the groomers. The progressive sidecut and Metal Laminate sidewalls help this mid-fat ski stay on edge in a wide variety of conditions, and MOD Monic provides targeted zinc dampening for a silky smooth ride no matter where you take them. This season, the MX 12 bindings have a Triple Pivot Comfort MX toe and Integrated Hub Technology to create a wider footprint that is ideal for use with mid-fat skis. The new toe features a cross-mounted spring, stainless steel Anti-Friction Device, and a backwards release function for your safety. The Inter-Pivot Heel has improved holding power to avoid pre-releasing in the air or on the snow.

The K2 precut skins are made by Pomoca, meaning they work great. Featuring a mohair / nylon blend, the skins offer excellent glide (once broken in) and grip you can depend on in any situation. Pomoca glue is one of our favorite adhesives for all conditions, temperatures, and temperaments. The tip hook and tail clip integrate with the skin attachment holes that are installed in the K2 skis. Being ready to go out of the box, these skins are the best companions for your Wayback 88 and 106 skis.

It's not necessary to pay top dollar for new skis today.There are just too many skis around, and dealers want to get rid of them. If you desire a particularly "hot" model, however -- one with a good reputation that better skiers seem to want -- you may find it in short supply and selling at top list price.

It's the so-called "package skis" designed for novice and low-intermediate skiers that are going begging and offer the biggest "bargains." Meanwhile, last year's models are generally selling at significant discounts in those shops where they are still available. Picking up a 1980 ski for 1981 makes a lot of economic sense.

Generally, skis are getting longer for every ability level. Shorter models are growing fewer. With more good skiers around and heightened interest in recreational racing, there's more demand for the stability of a longer ski. And improved technology is making it easier to turn longer, stable skis.

Among the changes in 1981 skis, K2 has converted its 710 and 810 series from a wood core to a foam core surrounded by a fiberglass torsion box and added glass and metal laminates along with the letters "FO" -- and price tags of $250 and $275. Rossignol's popular ST Comp has given way to two skis -- the FF ($250 ) for racers and experts and the STS ($230) for those who want a slightly softened, or "detuned," ST Comp. Fischer has a new "Lite" series of easy-turning full-length skis at list prices of $190 to $245. 041b061a72


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