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Buy Bitcoin Instantly Reddit

As the post was focused on bitcoin, the tipper may benefit from a grey area in oversight and enforcement, as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does not treat the cryptocurrency as a security, one expert said.

buy bitcoin instantly reddit

Tesla said in its annual report published Monday that the decision to move nearly eight percent of its reserves into bitcoin was part of its broad investment policy as a company aimed at diversifying and maximising its returns on cash, including holding gold.

Investors can use the calculator on the Cardano platform to work out how much they might earn for locking up ADA. There are various subreddits dedicated to Cardano. One of the most popular is Cardano_ELI5.

r/CryptoTechnology is a forum for serious and technical conversations about cryptocurrencies. Members can engage in in-depth discussions without being exposed to advertisements or other low-quality content in this subreddit.

This crypto subreddit has a strong focus on pricing action. Members of r/CryptoMarkets will discuss the future direction of Bitcoin and other crypto assets from an analytic perspective, This includes projections based on technical indicators such as the RSI, as well as fundamental developments surrounding the industry.

This subreddit provides investors with the most recent Bitcoin news, advice, and updates. The daily discussion thread on r/Bitcoin is another place where individuals can talk about Bitcoin's current activity in the crypto market.

While it has taken a backseat to larger cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether in recent years, its resurgence in the last few days has been down to enthusiasm from a Reddit group called SatoshiStreetBets. Like the group WallStreetBets, which was behind the GameStop rally, SatoshiStreetBets is looking to pump up cryptocurrencies.

The transaction fees for bitcoin purchases are also extremely low compared to other services, so it has that going for it, too. Coinbase makes bitcoin integration simple by transferring accepted payments into bank accounts and doing all of the currency conversion for them. The company says it has 30,000 users and is processing 40,000 bitcoin payments a month.

Reddit (/ˈrɛdɪt/; stylized in all lowercase as reddit) is an American social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website. Registered users (commonly referred to as "Redditors") submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members. Posts are organized by subject into user-created boards called "communities" or "subreddits". Submissions with more upvotes appear towards the top of their subreddit and, if they receive enough upvotes, ultimately on the site's front page. Reddit administrators moderate the communities. Moderation is also conducted by community-specific moderators, who are not Reddit employees.[7]

Reddit has received praise for many of its features, such as the ability to create several subreddits for niche communities,[19][20] being a platform for raising publicity for numerous causes,[21] and has grown to be one of the most visited websites on the Internet.[8] However, it has also drawn negative attention for its propensity to spread potentially dangerous misinformation.[22]

Yishan Wong joined Reddit as CEO in 2012.[52] Wong resigned from Reddit in 2014, citing disagreements about his proposal to move the company's offices from San Francisco to nearby Daly City, but also the "stressful and draining" nature of the position.[53][54] Ohanian credited Wong with the company's newfound success as its user base grew from 35 million to 174 million.[54] Wong oversaw the company as it raised $50 million in funding and spun off as an independent company.[45] Also during this time, Reddit began accepting the digital currency Bitcoin for its Reddit Gold subscription service through a partnership with bitcoin payment processor Coinbase in February 2013.[55] Ellen Pao replaced Wong as interim CEO in 2014 and resigned in 2015 amid a user revolt over the firing of a popular Reddit employee.[56] During her tenure, Reddit initiated an anti-harassment policy,[57] banned involuntary sexualization, and banned several forums that focused on bigoted content or harassment of individuals.[58]

After five years away from the company, Ohanian and Huffman returned to leadership roles at Reddit: Ohanian became the full-time executive chairman in November 2014 following Wong's resignation, while Pao's departure on July 10, 2015, led to Huffman's return as the company's chief executive.[59][60] After Huffman rejoined Reddit as CEO, he launched Reddit's iOS and Android apps, fixed Reddit's mobile website, and created A/B testing infrastructure.[23] The company launched a major redesign of its website in April 2018.[61] Huffman said new users were turned off from Reddit because it had looked like a "dystopian Craigslist".[61] Reddit also instituted several technological improvements,[62] such as a new tool that allows users to hide posts, comments, and private messages from selected redditors in an attempt to curb online harassment,[63] and new content guidelines. These new content guidelines were aimed at banning content inciting violence and quarantining offensive material.[23][62] Slowe, the company's first employee, rejoined Reddit in 2017 as chief technology officer.[64] Reddit's largest round of funding came in 2017, when the company raised $200 million and was valued at $1.8 billion.[15] The funding supported Reddit's site redesign and video efforts.[15]

The most popular posts from the site's numerous subreddits are visible on the front page to those who browse the site without an account.[79][80] By default for those users, the front page will display the subreddit r/popular, featuring top-ranked posts across all of Reddit, excluding not-safe-for-work communities and others that are most commonly filtered out by users (even if they are safe for work).[81][82] The subreddit r/all originally did not filter topics,[83] but as of 2021 it does not include not-safe-for-work content.[84] Registered users who subscribe to subreddits see the top content from the subreddits to which they subscribe on their personal front pages.[79][80]

Registering an account with Reddit is free and requires an email address. In addition to commenting and voting, registered users can also create their own subreddit on a topic of their choosing.[86] In Reddit style, usernames begin with "u/". For example, noteworthy redditors include u/Poem_for_your_sprog, who responds to messages across Reddit in verse,[87] u/Shitty_Watercolour who posts paintings in response to posts,[88] u/gallowboob, with the second-highest karma on Reddit,[89] and u/spez, the CEO of Reddit (Steve Huffman).

Subreddits are overseen by moderators, Reddit users who earn the title by creating a subreddit or being promoted by a current moderator.[79] These moderators are volunteers who manage their communities, set and enforce community-specific rules, remove posts and comments that violate these rules, and generally work to keep discussions in their subreddit on topic.[79][20][90] Admins, by contrast, are paid to work for Reddit.[20]

Subreddits (officially called communities) are user-created areas of interest where discussions on Reddit are organized. There are about 138,000 active subreddits (among a total of 1.2 million) as of July 2018[update].[95][96] Subreddit names begin with "r/"; for instance, "r/science" is a community devoted to discussing scientific publications, while "r/gaming" is a community devoted to discussing video games and "r/worldnews" is for posting news articles from around the world.

In a 2014 interview with Memeburn, Erik Martin, then general manager of Reddit, remarked that their "approach is to give the community moderators or curators as much control as possible so that they can shape and cultivate the type of communities they want".[97] Subreddits often use themed variants of Reddit's alien mascot, Snoo, in the visual styling of their communities.[98]

Reddit Premium (formerly Reddit Gold) is a premium membership that allows users to view the site ad-free.[99][100] Users may also be gifted coins if another user particularly valued the comment or post, generally due to humorous or high-quality content. Reddit Premium unlocks several features not accessible to regular users, such as comment highlighting, exclusive subreddits, and a personalized Snoo (known as a "snoovatar").[101][102] Reddit Gold was renamed to Reddit Premium in 2018. In addition to gold coins, users can gift silver and platinum coins to other users as rewards for quality content.[103]

Reddit Public Access Network, commonly known as RPAN, was a live streaming service run by Reddit.[104] Viewers interacted with streams by upvoting or downvoting, chatting and by giving paid awards. During the off-air hours, 24/7 streaming was possible to the dedicated subreddits, but with limited slots and capabilities.[105] On August 19, 2019, Reddit announced RPAN. It was said to be in testing, but they were experimenting with making it a permanent program, as well as a way to increase revenue for the platform.[106] Later, a five-day testing period began. During the testing period, streaming was for a select group of users, allowing 30 minutes of streaming per person and 100 slots.[107] On July 1, 2020, RPAN Studio was released, an application that allows users to broadcast live from desktop computers. RPAN Studio has been built on top of OBS, an open-source streaming and recording program.[108] On January 28, 2021 Reddit permanently increased streaming times to three hours.[109] RPAN was officially discontinued on November 15, 2022.[110]

On July 7, 2022, Reddit announced 'blockchain-backed Collectible Avatars', customizable avatars which are available on the subreddit r/CollectibleAvatars for purchase separate from Reddit Premium. The avatars were created by independent artists who post work on other subreddits, and who receive a portion of the profits. They use Reddit's Polygon blockchain-powered digital wallet the Vault.[111] Richard Lawler of The Verge described them as "non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are available for purchase in the Reddit Avatar Builder";[112] as NFTs are controversial, this attracted attention from many media outlets. 041b061a72


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