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Better Vanilla Perks Skyrim

Better Vanilla Perks Skyrim: A Guide to Enhance Your Gameplay

If you are a fan of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you might have noticed that some of the perks in the game are not very satisfying or useful. Some of them are too weak, too niche, or too boring to invest in. Fortunately, there are some mods that aim to improve the vanilla perks and make them more balanced, diverse, and fun. In this article, we will introduce you to one of these mods: Better Vanilla Perks Anniversary Edition, and show you how it can enhance your gameplay experience.

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What is Better Vanilla Perks Anniversary Edition?

Better Vanilla Perks Anniversary Edition (BVPAE) is a mod that overhauls almost every multi-stage perk tree in Skyrim. It was created by absol89, and it is compatible with smithing reworks and spell mods (but not Ordinator). The mod aims to make every perk tree more useful for any player character to invest in, and to fix some of the controversial or underwhelming effects found in Skyrim's vanilla perk system. Here are some of the features of BVPAE:

  • Smithing: Added the ability to temper Blades & leather armors more. Silver/Iron 30% buff to Undead. Daedric/Ebony can be unlocked via Arcane path, Glass can be unlocked at 80 through Arcane too.

  • Heavy Armor: Each Juggernaut stage now has bonuses for sets of increasing qualities of armor types. Matching set perks no longer require helmets & fists of steel include pugilist gloves.

  • Block: Each Block Mastery level now adds 5 unarmed damage, with benefits for two-handed blockers too. Changed Quick Reflexes slowmo to stage 2 because the time slow was a bit too strong in the earlier perk.

  • Two Handed: Armor penetration, power attack bonuses on 2h-axes & bleed on greatswords. Normal Sweep.

  • One Handed: General focus on critical hit chance, with power attack damage on war axes. Flurry for ALL. Note: Can unlock flurry 1-2 with two-handed skill at 30 and 50 too, you just need the first Armsman perk.

  • Archery: General focus on penetration and poisons applied to arrows, crit chance, damage and staggering.

  • Light Armor: Each Agile Defender level now has bonuses for sets of increasing qualities of armors and sets.

And more! You can check out the full list of changes on the mod's page.

Why Should You Use Better Vanilla Perks Anniversary Edition?

If you are looking for a mod that enhances your gameplay without changing it too drastically, BVPAE might be a good choice for you. Unlike some other perk overhauls that add new perks or change the perk trees entirely, BVPAE stays true to the vanilla design and only tweaks the existing perks to make them more appealing and rewarding. This way, you can still enjoy the original feel of Skyrim while having more options and variety in your character build. BVPAE also has some compatibility patches for other popular mods, such as Saints and Sinners, which adds new armor sets based on the Shivering Isles expansion from Oblivion.

BVPAE is also easy to install and use, as it only requires a simple download and activation through your mod manager of choice. You don't need any other dependencies or requirements, and you can start a new game or continue an existing one with the mod enabled. The mod is also updated regularly by the author, who listens to feedback and suggestions from the users. If you encounter any bugs or issues with the mod, you can report them on the mod's page or contact the author directly.

How to Install Better Vanilla Perks Anniversary Edition?

To install BVPAE, you will need a mod manager such as Nexus Mod Manager (NMM), Mod Organizer 2 (MO2), or Vortex. You can download the mod from its page and follow these steps:

  • Download the main file (Better Vanilla Perks 2021) and any optional files or patches that you want.

  • Add the files to your mod manager and activate them.

  • Load the mod after any other mods that affect the perks, such as smithing reworks or spell mods.

  • Enjoy your improved perks!

Note: If you are using Skyrim Special Edition, you will also need to download and install the [Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch], which fixes many bugs and issues in the game. You can find it on the Nexus Mods website.


Better Vanilla Perks Anniversary Edition is a mod that improves the vanilla perks in Skyrim and makes them more balanced, diverse, and fun. It is compatible with smithing reworks and spell mods, and it has some patches for other mods as well. It is easy to install and use, and it is updated regularly by the author. If you are looking for a mod that enhances your gameplay without changing it too much, you might want to give BVPAE a try. You can download it from its page and enjoy your improved perks!


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