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Buy Slim Christmas Tree HOT!

Do you have a style when it comes to Christmas trees? Do you like the fat and fluffy kind that take up an entire living space? Or do you prefer the sleek look of a slim Christmas tree? There are many reasons to consider a narrower tree this year. Maybe you have a smaller space that you want to make festive. Or perhaps you want to change your holiday style this Christmas for something more modern. At English Gardens of Michigan we celebrate Christmas with the opening of our Seasonal Christmas Stores at each one of our 6 locations in Clinton Township, Dearborn Heights, Eastpointe, Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, and Plymouth Michigan, come visit us today for a large selection of slim Christmas trees on display and ready to go home!

buy slim christmas tree

A slim Christmas tree, often also referred to as slender or pencil, is a narrower tree design. They do occur in nature, and today they have become more popular as lifelike artificial Christmas trees. A slim Christmas tree is a natural choice when you have a small room, such as a bungalow, smaller in town home, apartment or these days even a tiny house. It will fit into any corner or in front of a window without taking up too much space. That also means you can place your tree in any location that fits your homes layout and room space. Doorways causing an issue, no problem, fireplace in the way, how about 3 doors, a fireplace and a picture window in the same small living room? Every holiday season families face these challenges. With a slim Christmas tree this year from English Gardens opening the tree will be a true joy!

Our Christmas Stores in addition to being one of the areas best holiday experiences, are filled with live and life-like artificial Christmas trees, including flocked artificial Christmas trees, including those sometimes hard to come by 9 foot flocked artificial Christmas trees, Christmas lights, decorations, Christmas wreaths & garland of all types, and unique gifts, all on display for your enjoyment. Make the Holiday beautiful!

Pencil and slim Christmas trees are a perfect match for small spaces and are a wonderful festive focal point. Not only are our slim artificial Christmas trees easy to assemble, but they also slip seamlessly into our Christmas tree storage bags once the holidays are over.

Our slim Christmas trees are available in varying heights and different sizes, and you can choose the right shape for your home. The Ultra Slim Mixed Pine Trees range from 74cm to 105 cm in diameter and are ideal for filling gaps.

Our pre lit and un lit pencil Christmas trees are available in black, white and green and range from 4ft to 8ft in height. We also stock shimmering red, gold and silver slim pop up Christmas trees, which are a fantastic option if you have smaller spaces to decorate.

Yes, you can! Our extensive range of slim trees includes everything from traditional realistic artificial Christmas trees to more contemporary black Christmas trees. With realistic shapes and branches, these incredible trees look just like real trees and are sure to draw your guests attention.

This National Tree Company flocked Christmas tree has a VERY full look with 2,817 tips. Because of the tip count and being larger with a 59 inch width, the price point is higher than the previous option.

This pre-lit Home Depot flocked Christmas tree has raving reviews about how full this tree is with plenty of tips. There a lot of customer review photos to look through to get an idea of how it will look in your home!

If you have an apartment or condo you may not have as much space for a regular-sized Christmas tree. This slim flocked Christmas tree is a great space-saving option with only 25 inches in diameter!

When it comes to decorating a flocked Christmas tree, one of the best things about this style is that it already has so much depth and dimension, which makes them already beautiful even without decorations.

To avoid clashing colors though, I recommend sticking to a neutral color scheme as the foundation (like gold, copper, ivory, and white) and picking just one other color to feature (like red or green) to carry throughout the rest of the Christmas tree decorations.

Slim artificial Christmas trees add a festive touch to your festive décor while making the most of limited spaces. Our skinny artificial Christmas trees have the same elegance as our full-shaped ones, so you can create stunning centrepieces even in small homes.

You can also brighten up your display with an artificial pre-lit slim Christmas tree. Some of our slim Christmas trees with lights include Easy Plug technology for quick assembly. The light connections in our slim pre-lit Christmas trees are pre-made inside the patented trunk, so you only need to plug it into a nearby power outlet. Our innovative Flip Trees, on the other hand, let you to set up within minutes. You just need to roll the tree base into place, flip the bottom part, then attach the treetop.

Browse our selection of slim artificial Christmas trees that come in a range of heights and lighting options. Shop Balsam Hill for Christmas tree decorations and accessories to complete your festive display.

Leave your friends and family in awe this year when they catch a glimpse of your 12' regal looking, down-swept Christmas tree. Make your holiday season one to remember with this gorgeous fir tree with 1,300 bright clear lights and over 2,700 blended pine needles

Despite how much you want a huge artificial Christmas tree in your living room, sometimes you just don't have the space. Unless you're willing to tiptoe around the tree and risk bumping into delicate ornaments every five minutes, a slim Christmas tree is a great alternative.

But what they lack in width, they make up for in festive holiday spirit. Here are 12 of our favorite slim Christmas trees, from fun palm trees to fully decorated ones covered with pine cones and red berries. Some even start as low as $39.99.

This slim evergreen tree has branches that are swept downward and pre-strung with 50 clear lights. The tree's branches, pole, and base are flocked with fake white snow so it looks like you've brought nature indoors.

This slim tree with spiraling branches is such a fun twist on traditional Christmas trees. This unique design looks like an optical illusion and has more than enough space between the branches to hang ornaments and lights.

This slim Christmas tree has 105 lights throughout to add a slight glow. The tree is on a sturdy square metal base, giving it a slightly different appearance compared to other artificial trees on stands with legs.

This natural alpine tree is the perfect backdrop for lights and ornaments. The tree has an exposed tree trunk made with real wood, adding to the realism. It comes in several heights, but the tallest at 9-feet has a 56-inch width, so we'd suggest looking at this 6-foot-tall option.

This 9-foot-tall slim Virginia pine tree is pre-strung with 350 clear lights and is lightly flocked so it looks like there's a bit of snow, but there's still plenty of space to add decorations and ornaments.

If you want an even slimmer tree, try a palm tree like this. It's 10-inches wide at the base and the leaves up top fan out to 30 inches, so it'll still make a statement without taking up your floors. It's a fun way to celebrate the holidays whether you live somewhere tropical with palms or just want to pretend that you do.

This pencil tree looks as well maintained as the ones in the Queen of Heart's gardens. The tree's uniformly slim profile measures just 23 inches so its perfect for extra-narrow spaces and the 500 white lights give it a warm glow.

Consider this slim unlit your foundation for as many lights and ornaments you want. The branches are sturdy enough to hold most ornaments, and the tree comes in five heights so you can maximize your space.

This slim pine Christmas tree has a rustic burlap base that saves you from getting an extra tree skirt. It comes in four heights but the width stays relatively the same, so each one is still ideal for smaller spaces. The tree can be used indoor or outdoor too.

The Christmas tree is the most important aspect of the holiday period, and what better way to save than with a Christmas tree? The Christmas Palace offers extensive savings on our range, including a frosted Christmas tree, red and gold Christmas tree and LED pre-lit Christmas trees. Our beautiful range is designed to capture attention and offers access to the most traditional tree types including balsam fir, pine, Kentucky fir and more, as well as untraditional types of trees such as rose gold, white and more.

Whether you are looking for savings on a large or small Christmas tree, The Christmas Palace has something to cater to any style and budget. Browse our range today and save 10% on your first online order! To learn more about our sale items and range, reach out to our team today by calling us at (877) 367-2474.

The tree was so easy to put together. There are just three sections and I was able to do it myself. Instead of the standard tree stand that is included, I chose to use a vintage planter with a blanket tucked around the base of the tree to hold it in place.

What makes this tree sets this tree apart from a lot of artificial Christmas trees, are the lights. This tree has the most gorgeous round/globe LED warm white lights! They just glow against the flocked branches!

Artificial Christmas trees come in many shapes and sizes. Pencil, Slim, Narrow, Full, Upside down, and Half trees are just a handful of shapes that a person can choose from. The two most popular sizes for artificial Christmas trees are Slim and Narrow. Those terms can be confusing. Is a Narrow tree thinner than a Slim tree or is it the other way around? This article can take some of the questions out of Christmas tree shape terminology.

Slim Christmas trees have a smaller diameter at the base than a Narrow Christmas tree. This means that Slim sized trees are thinner than their Narrow cousin. Slim trees usually have a base diameter ranging from 29-40 inches. The base diameter will depend on the height of the tree which can range from 5 feet to 12 feet. 041b061a72


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