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Become a C.A.S.T. Member

Join Kansas City's "Performers' Gym" for access to the classes and studio space that YOU need.

Become a C.A.S.T. Member

Cabaret Arts and Social Theatre is a home for professional and pre-professional artists, dance and theatre enthusiasts, and the audiences and communities that love them! 

Becoming a monthly member to C.A.S.T. gives you access to community spaces, special events, and discounted rates on classes and parties, so you can take your skills to the next level, and get plenty of time in doing what you LOVE.

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Wanna be a C.A.S.T. Member, but you're not an instructor?

We feel you, fam.

We think everyone deserves a chance to fly.


That's why we are happy to announce C.A.S.T. memberships are available at all levels starting in April 2023!


Get access to group classes, social dances, discounts on workshops and series, and take your skills to the next level with the C.A.S.T. membership that's right for you.

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West coast swing, ballroom, showgirl, hip-hop, & choreo workshops


Improv classes, audition assessments, musical theatre practices


Musical theatre, jazz, event performance prep, and music jam sessions


Yoga, movement and dance fitness classes to keep your body movin'

What’s So Good about being a C.A.S.T. Member?

Access to Open Community Spaces

When you're a C.A.S.T. Member, you have a place to be. This may mean getting your morning stretch on in one of our ballroom spaces, or get some admin work done in our co-work space.

Pro C.A.S.T. Membership also means unlimited access to open fl
oor spaces for private instruction, rehearsal or practice.

Discounts on Select Group Classes

C.A.S.T. Members get perks. One of those perks is discounts on special workshops and series. Whether it be dance, acting, or adult balloon sculptures (coming soon?), as a C.A.S.T. Member, you're paying less.

This means you get to save more money, attend more classes, hone your skills, and connect with community - that helps YOU build your skill set and for Pro C.A.S.T. Members, your business.


Think of this as an unlimited Groupon.

Worth it?

We thought so.

Check out your discount and membership options below!

  • 5 Class Pass

    Buy 4 classes get one free with the 5 class pass
    Valid for 3 months
    • Any 5 open classes at C.A.S.T.
    • Includes social dances, dance classes, fitness, and yoga
    • Does not include special workshops/series
  • 2 Choice Pass

    Every month
    Perfect for those that want to mix up their dance classes
    • Two dance classes and social dances each week
    • Can mix and match between any 2 dance classes per week
  • Debut Member

    Every month
    Unlimited open classes and 5% discounts on special workshops
    • Unlimited open classes per month
    • 5% off special workshops and series
    • 2 Community Seats to 1 show per month
    • Early Access Ticket Sales to all Showcases
  • Pro Starter

    Every month
    Take your pro skills to the next level as a C.A.S.T. member
    • Unlimited Access during Open-Floor hours
    • Solo Rehearsal/Practice Space
    • Arrange to practice on YOUR schedule
  • Pro Growth

    Every month
    Unlimited Open Floor PLUS Unlimited Classes
    • Unlimited Open Floor for Practice (Plus one practice guest)
    • Unlimited open classes (no guests)
    • Discounts on closed classes and workshops
  • Pro Business

    Every month
    Unlimited Open Floor for Private Instructors
    • 24/7 facility access
    • Unlimited Open Floor to host private instruction
    • Unlimited Open Floor for practice
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