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Cabaret Arts and Social Theatre of Kansas City (C.A.S.T. KC) is founded on a mission to provide a welcoming,

vibrant venue for Adult Artists to share their performance gifts in Theater, Music and Dance with the wider KC metro community. This multifunctional space focuses the lens of Artistry and Movement on the visual, auditory and kinetic arts available to a widespread social network of participants from the larger Kansas City Metro Area. Facilitating the renewal of vaudeville-style theatre, bringing accessible and high quality live entertainment to a binge-watching audience, by training artists and entertainers so they can create comfortable careers through variety skills.

C.A.S.T. KC Combines the Values and Merits of:

A Social Dance Club

Provide an environment for healthy, connected, adult social entertainment

in the KC dance and performance community, through social dance events

and group classes available to members and the public.

A Performance Education Space

Create an opportunity for Kansas City's adult performance artists

to hone their creative skills and add to their professional repertoire

so they can build a comfortable career within the cabaret arts industry.

A Welcoming Space for Performance Artists

Cultivate a culture of non-competitive support and acceptance

within the Kansas City artist community. Based on the belief

that scarcity mindset hurts all of us, and if we work together

we can achieve mutual growth as a community.

A Nightlife Destination

Showcase local talent through weekly dinner theatre shows,

cabaret nights, and variety entertainment events,

replacing screen time with swing time.

Join Us

We're still in the process of creating our vision,but keep scrolling to see current photos of the C.A.S.T. space.

Local dancers will remember this space fondly as the home of TC and TEAH ballrooms, but we have plans of our own to revitalize this space into our full vision for a home for Cabaret Arts and Social Theatre in Kansas City.


3000 square feet of floating ballroom floor, complete with a mirrored wall to assist with large group classes, and plenty of space to host social dances.

278468982_1183757492410691_8596375577543158509_n (1).jpg
279920160_1086503741961487_5335540377673456121_n (1).jpg


Our main ballroom floor will be available for members for open practice, dance classes, and for instructor members to host private lessons to students during open floor hours.


When you step inside, you'll wonder why we call it "small". Our small ballroom is a dance studio style space, mirrored on both sides, that can host large group classes, or be partitioned by a theatre curtain for private lessons or small groups.

279940927_365634838932247_8370198077796869414_n (2).jpg
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