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The Ballrooms at Social Cabaret

Let us produce the most important show of your life.

Bringing your wedding or special event to the Ballrooms at Social Cabaret has its perks. With in-house entertainment, event planning, day-of management, tech including lights and sound, world class dance instructors, and on-site emergency alteration and wardrobe assistance, you'll feel like the star of the show.

Which works for us, because shows are what we know best.

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Two Gorgeous Ballrooms, One Fabulous Venue

We have two incredible ballrooms available for you.

Our main ballroom boasts room for up to 150 guests to be seated comfortably and have space leftover for dancing the night away.

Our small ballroom provides space for an intimate ceremony, or room for guests to mingle. Whether you want to use one or both, our space is sure to serve as a phenomenal backdrop for the star of the show: YOU.

The Main Ballroom

When you enter the Main Ballroom at Social Cabaret, you're transported to a timeless open space perfect for dancing, receptions, and celebration.

This main space includes a lounge area, reception desk, and 3,000 square feet of floating dance floor so you can dance the night away.

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The Small Ballroom

So named for its comparative size, the small ballroom is a modular space that can be used for a ceremony, reception or guest over-flow room.

Don't let the name fool you, this space is bigger than it sounds, and with double sided mirrors, high ceilings, and glamorous chandeliers, it looks pretty big!

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