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Hudson Foster
Hudson Foster

READ BOOK Overcoming Shyness: Break Out Of Your Shell And Express Your True Selfl

One safe means of beginning to come out to yourself is through reading about how others have dealt with similar issues. There are many books and articles available on all facets of LGBTQ life. These can include clinical studies on LGBT people, coming out stories, and resources for allies and families of LGBTQ individuals.

READ BOOK Overcoming Shyness: Break Out Of Your Shell And Express Your True Selfl

I am sorry to hear of your pain. It is good you have reached out and good for you to know help is available and things do change. Your feelings are not permanent. If you are interested in learning more about overcoming your inner critic, you may like to read this article on Steps to Overcome Your Critical Inner Voice.PsychAlive is not a counseling site, but we can offer resources where you can get assistance 24 hours per day. If you are in the United States, you can call the National Helpline at 800-273 TALK (8255) or visit the Helpline website to online chat. If you live in another country, you can email [email protected] and visit Samaritans website for help. Do not do anything to hurt yourself and remain safe.

This YA edition of the bestseller Quiet contains true stories of kids overcoming challenges at school, home, and in friendships. With illustrations and insights, this book is a must-read for introverted teens and their parents.

For older teens that are looking for the humorous side of feeling awkward, this book is the perfect read. They'll see that even adults can feel out of place, but laughing at yourself goes a long way toward overcoming social obstacles.


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