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Where To Buy Shower Curtain Hooks [PORTABLE]

This set of twelve Kenney shower curtain double hooks are made of plastic, so rust will never be an issue! With an additional hook on the back, use these to hang both a shower liner and a shower curtain, making it easy to remove or replace either. Each package includes 12 double hooks, fitting all standard shower liners and rods.

where to buy shower curtain hooks

Shower Curtain hooks/rings of all styles and colors. Including chrome, brass and plastic finishes and opend end hooks, double open end hooks and pin style shower curtain rings. Also various styles and sizes of shower rods including straight and curved shower rods. Hang your shower curtain with ease using the strong, durable roller ball shower curtain hooks. The sleek design allows for easy movement along your shower rod, and their quick drying feature makes it easy to clean and maintain. Our shower hooks are the perfect companion to buy along our wholesale shower curtains. They slide easily across your rod and hold securely on each corner. 041b061a72

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