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Nolan Morgan
Nolan Morgan

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se ((TOP)) Full Episode 21 March 2019

"We are living in exceptional times because of the COVID crisis. I want to congratulate our teams who have managed the business remarkably well during the lockdown period.Given the unknown consequences of the crisis, we are being doubly cautious. We have revised our business plans and proceeded with balance sheet adjustments via the depreciation of goodwill.Cost control and the sound management of WCR have enabled us to maintain debt at the same level as in March 2019, while financing the Intec acquisition.While we don't want to make any predictions for the full financial period, we did see a fairly quick recovery of sales in April and May in Agricultural and Garden Spraying. The evolution of Sugar Beet Harvesting sales is uncertain. The collapse of the world sugar price has made farmers cautious about investing. In addition, the recovery of Industrial Spraying sales will depend on the evolution of the automotive sector which accounts for 55% of the business, combined with the seasonality of Intec's revenue, which will only produce a full effect over the first quarter of 2020-2021.Given this backdrop, the Group is being even more cautious by implementing another round of fixed cost reductions and by freezing certain non-priority investments. We are also continuing the work undertaken to manage the WCR.Lastly, the financing lines secured for the medium term enable us to continue the business without having to obtain State-guaranteed loans."

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se Full Episode 21 March 2019



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