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[S9E8] The Lighthouse __EXCLUSIVE__

Meanwhile, Lily has been furious since learning that Marshall has accepted a judgeship, constantly breaking glasses in fury whenever something court-related is mentioned. When Ted tries to go see a local lighthouse and the clerk will not help him since he is single and lonely, Lily's anger leads her to poorly advise Ted to settle for Cassie, whom he had spent the previous evening consoling, and take her to the lighthouse and fall in love with her. Ted reluctantly attempts to take her, even after she displays little compatibility with him. Making matters worse, she trips and sprains her ankle and Ted is forced to carry her to the top of the lighthouse, after which he throws up. Ted later realizes that settling would have been a mistake and he was glad he did not. A flash-forward reveals that Ted took the Mother there two years later and proposed, which she enthusiastically accepted.

[S9E8] The Lighthouse

Somewhere else at the Inn, Ted is consumed by the lighthouse. He winds up carrying Cassie (why, hello again, Anna Camp) up to the top of the most romantic spot in Farhampton. He's been dying to see it. She could not be bothered. He pukes -- puke-free since 2013, maybe -- and is devastated that he wasted the experience with someone like her. "I'm starting to think I've used my allotment of lighthouses," he tells Lily.

But he's wrong. Oh, so wrong, as we see in the final moments of the episode. Less than two years later he's back at the lighthouse with the mother ... and a ring. Ted proposed to the mother at the top of the lighthouse. It's sweet and she says yes a dozen times before he can even ask her to marry him. Call it corny, but this scene felt somewhat like redemption.

After waiting out a storm at Ted's childhood home, Marshall and Daphne realize they have a stowaway on their road trip. At the hotel, Robin comes down to breakfast wearing Loretta's blouse and incites her future mother in law. Loretta is known for her amazing eggs, but Robin claims her mother scrambles them better. Lily arrives at breakfast drink in hand but loses her cool anytime someone mentions something that reminds her Marshall took the judge job. Ted wants to go visit a lighthouse and Lily gives him some bad advice when she tells him to take Cassie and to stop holding out for the perfect woman. When Robin admits she can't make scrambled eggs, Loretta makes a comment about how she will ever be able to cook for her grandchildren. Robin tells her how she can't have children and walks out. Robin later learns her mother is not coming to the wedding. After a talk with Barney, Loretta tells Robin to call her Mom. Ted's trip to the lighthouse with Cassie is a disaster, but we later see him and the mother there two years into the future where he proposes.

In the season finale Danny, Lindsay and Lucy go on a vacation. While visiting a lighthouse, they meet Shane Casey. He tells Lindsay and Lucy to leave, because his fight is not with them. In the end, Shane falls off the lighthouse. Danny tries to help him, but Shane lets go after saying, "Don't worry, Messer. I will."

JoeHills built a lighthouse that is a 1:1 model of the Tower of Hercules in Galicia, Spain, on a terraformed hill across the Strait of Joebraltar from the Winery. He added a nether-themed mirror-image of the lighthouse underneath it, built with basalt and surrounded by lava. Underneath the Strait of Joebraltar, he excavated and terraformed a large ravine-like cavern surrounding three spawner-based mob farms. On a small peninsula, he built a nether portal in the shape of his "@" logo and a skylight looking down into the cavern.

During The Mayor Election, JoeHills ran for "Dogcatcher," a role he invented in protest after Grian created the mayor role, with which he would clean up stray dogs around the server and "watch over the diamond pile in the shopping district." The role is actually intended to give him authority to use lava to cover the pile of diamonds that had been collecting during the season as payment for land. To run his campaign, Joe created a poster map and bred a large quantity of dogs which he sat around the shopping district and multiple other Hermits' bases, dyeing their collars white to make them appear untamed. He began building a dog sanctuary, containing doghouses, giant bones, and a beach next to the lighthouse, naming it Joerassic Bark (a portmanteau of Jurassic Park, Joe, and Bark). He won the vote almost unanimously, besides ZombieCleo writing in "Daffy Duck." Since winning the election, Joe moved the dogs he placed around the server into Joerassic Bark. 041b061a72


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